Monday, 17 December 2012

Kevin Barron visits DCS!

Kevin Barron being greeted by Mr Blackwell and Mr Welch.
Last Friday students from all years were gathered in ME1 for a visit from Labour MP and representative for the Rother Valley area Kevin Barron who turned up despite the dreary weather to speak to pupils as part of Film Club and to answer questions, some of which were based around Suzzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" which explores Totalitarian regimes and democracy. On his arrival Mr. Barron was greeted by Mr. Blackwell and Mr. Welch before addressing the group.

After a short, simple (albeit predicatably poorly acted) film in which two children interviewed various people about their views on democracy. Mr Barron took center stage and spoke about his role in the Rother Valley area and how he sees areas such as Dinnington developing in the future but said it is "Up to your (our) generation".

He also spoke of his past and how his late wife attended university later on in her life before urging that all children seriously consider further education as it will "Help you out massivley".

Mr Barron then allowed pupils to direct questions to him around topics which varied from "The Hunger Games" to politicians wages to area development and why sometimes in politics you have to really push for what you feel your area needs, in Kevin Barron's case it was the installation of a new roundabout which took nearly 30 years to pass!

On occasion Mr Barron would drift off from a question with a story of his career or his past to help emphasise his point which seemed to fascinate the younger students but after a while the charm appeared to wear thin on the sixth form / staff.

After around an hour long stay the MP wrapped up his visit by posing for photographs with members of the school and after the usual hand shaking and shoulder grabbing which I'm sure a politician who does as many site visits as Mr Barron claims to do must seem like second nature, he departed with a final wave of his hand.

On a whole the meet and greet seemed to have a possitive affect on the class who (more or less) seemed pleased to get the opportunity to speak with a member of parliament and put their views across.
Sixth formers listening to Mr Barron.

A video on democracy was shown upon Kevin Barron's arrival.

Some of the younger years.

Mr Welch getting involved in the debate.

Kevin Barron.

Mr Barron addressing the class.

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  1. A great turnout from Dinnington pupils - I think, whether you agree with a politician's views/politics or not, the main message is that if you want your views to be considered and represented then you have to get involved in democracy, stick at it (if it is something that is important to you) and accept that although you may not get what you want - you at least tried!!
    If you don't - then you can't really moan!